Our Mission


I’ve been a naturalist and an artist as far back as I can remember, playing in the woods among the pillbugs and spring tails, watching a dragonfly at the stream’s edge, and sketching in the outdoors were some of my loveliest childhood memories.  A hard work ethic was instilled in me at a very young age from a wonderful father who encouraged me to wear lace and ruffles when I wanted, but to also go fishing and “bug hunting” when I wanted as well. I even learned how to work on cars, fix pipes, and put in drywall from him.  I can remember being just 5 or so and accompanying him on insect surveys for the Nature Conservancy to set up protected lands. As I grew up I decided to make this passion for insects and protecting our natural world my vocation, and got my PhD in Entomology. I remember being amid all of my pre-med friends in college and thinking, ” I want to be an earth doctor.” I wanted to heal the earth, and that’s my goal for Insect Diva,  because even small actions like wearing a pair of nature inspired earrings can spread awareness and have a big impact. Because when we care, beautiful things start to happen!

XOXO, Dr. Diana


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