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Welcome to my beautiful world of art and insects! As an artist with my PhD in Entomology I am forever inspired by the beauty and importance of insects and nature, and thrill in getting to share that with you. 


I love to design and create and jewelry inspired by  real insects and nature. Conservation is a prime concern, so only non-endangered insects are used, and our intention is to use insects that have died naturally, or invasive species that have passed as part of IPM to preserve native plants and animals. Insect Diva pieces showcase the utter beauty of insects, while educating people about them, making these beautiful creatures more real and accessible to everyone. Thus raising our awareness of these stunning creatures, and connecting us more with our natural environment, and the importance of conserving it. So check out my shop for some beautiful buggy creations! And when I’m not hard at work with jewelry, I love channeling this passion into taking pictures and videos to create mini documentaries to share with you all on my youtube channel! 

xoxo, Dr Diana



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