When I started Insect Diva I wanted it to be about more than just pretty jewelry, though pretty jewelry is important too ;). I wanted to share my love of insects and nature as a whole, and the profound importance they have in all of our lives. Environmental outreach and sharing my love and knowledge of our natural world is the cornerstone of my work.


I’m always looking for creative ways to communicate concepts like conservation and connect people with the reality of how precious, beautiful, and valuable our environment is, so, I started Insect Diva jewelry.  Every piece is inspired by an insect or some other fauna or flora and comes with a  special note about the insect, plant, or natural phenomenon that inspired the piece. So you get more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry.


I think of my customers as stakeholders in our shared environmental cause. Many pieces even come with easy tips about conservation, and what small but powerful efforts you can make towards caring for our earth. So the jewelry doesn’t only empower you with the confidence to look your best, but it also empowers you with the information to conserve the natural beauty around you :).


xoxo, Dr Diana



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