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Pollinator Jewelry is Coming! :D

Perhaps one of the most impressive cases of co-evolution is between flowering plants, or angiosperms and insects. Once plants evolved their beautiful flowers insects quickly evolved to fill the niche of pollinator. Most of our crops here in the USA are dependent upon insect pollinators to flourish. Not to mention many of the gorgeous ornamental plants that we landscape our homes and patios are insect pollinated.

So what better way to celebrate this life giving and beautifying phenomenon than jewelry pieces with real flowers preserved in resin! I am so excited to soon offer you pollinator jewelry  that shows off the beauty as well as teaches the importance of this incredible relationship between insects and flowers :). After all, even the precious cocoa plant that we get chocolate from is pollinated by insects, how can you help but love these little hard workers and celebrate with some jewelry showing off this wonderful phenomenon 😉 ❤




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