Winter 2019 Collection #NatureInspires


Walking through the New England woods in late fall fills the heart and mind with inspiration. As the November chill sets in and many of the trees lose their leaves,  the landscape is painted in new brilliant colors as the earth prepares to step into the coming winter months. On a sunny day three hues specially stand out, deep greens, light brilliant blues, and scarlet reds. These colors inspired the new Insect Diva collection which boldly showcases these vibrant shades.


Among many new designs the collection features vibrant green scarabs crawling across a breastplate made of silver branches, stunning scorpions encased within turquoise teardrops, and sparkling red poinsettias and spiders with glistening ruby red abdomens. The collection features handmade one of a kind and limited small batch styles, along with vintage as well as new components all inspired by nature’s beauty to create a conservation conscious slow fashion shopping experience.


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