Conserving Our Pollinators

Our landscapes and our grocery stores would look much different if we lost our pollinators. That is because millions of years of co-evolution between flowering plants and insect pollinators has shaped our daily lives, from the gorgeous wildflowers adorning our fields to many of the delicious foods we eat like: chocolate, apples, tomatoes, strawberries, watermelons, and many more.

Pollinators get their carbohydrates from nectar and their essential amino acids from pollen. Nature had created a beautiful balance of diverse flowers to support pollinators’ nutritional needs, but much of the once abundant fields of wildflowers have disappeared due to increasing development and habitat destruction. This has left many of our pollinators living in food deserts and suffering from malnutrition.

That is why Insect Diva is planting a pollinator flower for every purchase made from our boutique.  We want our customers to be part of conserving our pollinators through  planting a much needed nourishing meal for these hardworking insects. And we hope that every time you see a pollinator thriving and dining on flowers you are filled with joy and peace, because when we take care of the  health of our pollinators, we take care of the health of the whole plant.

And, you can follow the story of your flowers by following Insect Diva on Instagram as we share updates on the conservation work we are accomplishing together through your support.



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