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Our Story

Hi! I’m Dr. Diana, the creator behind Insect Diva® and I’ve been a naturalist and an artist as far back as I can remember, playing in the woods among the pillbugs and spring tails, watching a dragonfly at the stream’s edge, and sketching in the outdoors were some of my happiest childhood memories.  I can remember being just 5 or so and accompanying him on insect surveys for the Nature Conservancy to set up protected lands. As I grew up I decided to make this passion for insects and protecting our natural world my vocation, and got my PhD in Entomology. I remember being amid all of my pre-med friends in college and thinking, ” I want to be an earth doctor.” I wanted to heal the earth, and that’s my goal for Insect Diva,  because even small actions like wearing a pair of nature inspired earrings can spread awareness and have a big impact.

After I was finally done with all of my undergraduate and graduate studies I realized that I wanted to share the knowledge and experience I gained about these sometimes scary, and yet sometimes adorable six legged critters. After all, over 80% of all species diversity on the planet is insects! What does that mean on a practical level? That means that insects have evolved to fill an incredible amount of ecological niches and can tell us more about the health and complexity of our environment than most other organisms out there. From the insects that pollinate our crops to ones that try and devour those same crops, or those insects that we use in medical treatments to those that transmit deadly diseases,  you cannot escape the incredible impact that insects have on all of our lives.

I believe knowledge empowers, I see everything I’ve learned as key in getting me where I am today, and I want to give back and share the knowledge and understanding I’ve learned.

xoxo, Dr. Diana

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