Our Story

Hi, I’m Dr. Diana, the creator behind Insect Diva® and I’ve been a naturalist and an artist as far back as I can remember, playing in the woods with the pillbugs and spring tails, watching dragonflies at the stream’s edge, and sketching in a field of wildflowers.  I can remember being just 5 or so and accompanying my dad on insect surveys for the Nature Conservancy to set up protected lands. As I grew up I decided to make this passion for insects and protecting our natural world my vocation, and got my PhD in Entomology. I remember being amid all of my pre-med friends in college and thinking, ” I want to be an earth doctor.” This desire to help heal the earth became the inspiration behind Insect Diva,  by bringing conservation awareness and practical means of conservation to everyone. Even making jewelry inspired by or made with natural components adds monetary value to the environment and more reasons to conserve it. I hope you join us in our journey to show just how beautiful conservation can be.

xoxo, Dr. Diana

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